Group of businesspeople standing in the officeWe at Pacific Capital are continuously looking for ways to add value for those we do business with. An employee’s success within our organization is measured by the results our teams, and the individuals on those teams, are able to achieve in serving the needs of our customers. Because we take tremendous pride in our employees, we listen to the feedback we receive from them during their employment with us. This helps us better shape the changes that will carry the company’s success well into the future.

We understand the happiness, productivity and professional growth of our team is within our direct sphere of influence. And, therefore, we go to great lengths to see to it that our employees have the tools necessary to succeed in their careers and genuinely enjoy their experience with Pacific Capital.

Below are a few testimonials that illustrate why our employees experience both happiness and success while working for Pacific Capital:

“I have worked for several management companies throughout my career, but have never worked for an organization that respects, supports and values its employees like Pacific Capital Management. The core values of our company are prevalent in everything we do and believe. Working for Pacific Capital gives me a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Pacific Capital encourages and promotes my best efforts in everything that I do. I am truly thankful to be backed and supported in my career goals by such a wonderful organization.”

“Working for Pacific Capital Management has given me the flexibility and opportunity to continue college while still focusing full-time on my career. Being a PCM team member has been such an amazing experience for me, and everyone goes out of their way to make it a comfortable, yet professional, environment to work in. I look forward to continuing both my personal and professional growth with this wonderful company.”

“Having worked for Pacific Capital for over a decade – it’s abundantly obvious to me that the integrity and focus on its people is paramount in the organization’s success.”

“Deciding to join the Pacific Capital team meant leaving a company that I had been with for years – but must admit that my decision has turned out to be an excellent one. Everyone I’ve met and had the opportunity to work with has been both exceptional and professional. Pacific Capital sets the bar high with their compensation and benefits package. It is refreshing to work for a company that values their employees as much as, or more, than they value their assets!”

“I have been with Pacific Capital for several years and have never been as happy within any organization throughout my career. Pacific Capital truly believes in its employees and commits to their development within the company. After only two years, I was promoted from Community Manager to Regional Manager because my abilities were recognized without my expressed desire to be promoted. I have definately found my home with Pacific Capital and feel like I am a contributing part of something great.”